The perspectives and roles of the potential users of digital multimedia systems are are subject to research in an accompanying inter- and transdisciplinary project. In this project we aim at supporting the design of the interfaces between technical systems and users / areas of deployment.The perspectives and roles of the potential users of digital multimedia systems are are subject to research in an accompanying inter- and transdisciplinary project. In this project we aim at supporting the design of the interfaces between technical systems and users / areas of deployment.The interdisciplinary project is carried out in cooperation between the department of In-formation Technology and the department of Intervention Research and Cultural Sustai-nability ( and has the following tasks:

  • Developing and organizing a SOMA-application as part of the 40th anniversary of Kla-genfurt University (SOMA Use-Case II): Establishment of an interactive platform for in-formation and discussion on the history and future of Klagenfurt University
  • Developing transdisciplinary cooperation: Setting up a focus group with potential pro-fessional users of SOMA (e.g. enterprises and organisations from the fields of traffic, health, tourism, event management or journalism)
  • Participating observation and reflection of the development process and the implemen-tation

SOMA I.T. results from the initiative SO I.T. (Self organization inter- and transdisciplinary). It is designed as a preliminary project for further inter-and transdisciplinary activity in selected areas of application.

Duration: 12 months

Project funding: Kärntner Wirtschaftsförderungs Fonds

Team SOMA I. T.:Martina Ukowitz, Iff-IKN; Harald Goldmann, Iff-IKN; Hajo Greif, Iff-TEWI; Matthias Wies-er, KUWI-MK; Harald Dvorak, Rita Faullant, WIWI-IUG (associated member of the team) Peter Heintel, Iff-IKN (supervision)


Gaming makes Fun!

In the course of the SOMA project we invite you on April 22nd, 2010 to the „SOMA World Games“ event.

On four different stages four different games will be played: Rockband, Singstar, Wii Sports Ressort & Tony Hawk Ride. Be there and join our games!

Why? We want to investigate how multimedia content is created in such a social event, and how this content can be used for our self-organizational approach of detecting and presenting “situations of interest” (as, e.g., “crowd formation”).

This means that you will become photographed and filmed. But do not worry, the gathered content is just used for our research purposes and will not be published elsewhere.

When? Thursday, April 22nd, 2010, from 17.00 to 23.00

Where? Lakeside Labs GmbH, Lakeside B04b, 1st floor, 9020 Klagenfurt

Please register for this social event in our doodle poll under if you like to participate.

There will be also plenty to eat and drink.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

The SOMA Team

In a meeting today the 1st (big) use case of the SOMA project was scheduled. On April 22nd 2010 a “World Games” event will take place in the offices of the Lakeside Labs. In four rooms different computer games will be played and locations all around the world will be assigned to the rooms. The videos and photos taken there will be sent to the actual location (Rio, New York, Tokio & Munich) using the Plantelab network, and the transported content then is presented in a lounge in the main lobby. Participating users are meant to take photos and videos and feed them into the SOMA network and – last but not least – having fun playing Rockband, Wii Sports Resort, Singstar and alike.

Why games? While we are totally aware that especially computer games have a bad reputation in computer science, they are means to an end for the SOMA project to gather a lot of participants for events and a lot of activity and action. Instead of paying participants we try to let them have a good time.

SOMA @ ITEC research days

Where does the journey of ITEC go to? Under this slogan the research days 2010 have been held by the Institute of Information Technology. All researchers met for an internal workshop on 3rd and 4th February 2010 at the Hafnersee. Current research topics of the institute and future activities have been presented and discussed.

All ITEC members that work on the SOMA project participated at the research days:

Laszlo Böszörmenyi
The SOMA project and visions of the Distributed Multimedia Systems group.

Mathias Lux
User intentions

Roland Tusch
The SOMA LOOK2 use case

Stefan Wieser
Self-organizing Communication Layer

Anita Sobe, Marian Kogler, Manfred del Fabro
The internal SOMA use case “world game day” and its evaluation.

Photos of this event can be found HERE.

SOMA invited Dr. Ralf Klamma

Ralf Klamma, Assistant Professor from Computer Science 5 – Information Systems at RWTH Aachen University, visited ITEC. He held this year’s course “Selected Topics in Distributed Systems: Multimedia Communities on the Web”. His colloquium „Virtual Campfire – A Hero’s Journey into Multimedia Storytelling“ took place on Friday, 29 January. Pictures  and slides about the talk are available HERE.

Mathias Lux – Invited Talk @ Florida Atlantic University!

Mathias has been invited from Prof. Oge Marques to give a talk at Florida Atlantic University. He presented an IEEE Signal Processing Society Palm Beach Section Seminar on “User Intentions in Multimedia (“The Other End of the Camera”)”, on Tuesday (December 8).

Slides from the talk

Anita Sobe @ the IEEE Xtreme 24-hour programming competition

The IEEE Xtreme 24-hour programming competition took place on October 24, 2009!

Over 700 teams competed in this worldwide contest. Klagenfurt University was represented by Anita Sobe (ITEC), István Fehérvári (NES/Mobile Systems Group) and Bernhard Dieber (NES/Pervasive Computing Group). Their effort resulted in 25. place which is the upper 5% worldwide and a top-ten ranking in the IEEE region 08 (Europe, Middle East and Africa)!

For their presentation during ACM Multimedia 2009 in Beijing, Mathias and Christoph received the award for their “Dynamic presentation adaptation based on user intent classification”.

Click HERE to see the complete Video!

Certificate (pdf)

Mathias is the overall winner of the 2009 ACM Multimedia Open Source Software Competition with his open-source project   “Caliph & Emir“.

Further information:

Certificate (pdf)  &   Photo (pdf)

Laszlo Böszörmenyi and Anita Sobe @ MMedia 2009

Laszlo Böszörmenyi was invited to give a keynote talk (Multimedia, Quo vadis?) and to participate in the Expert Panel (Thinking of a Picture and Finding it: Evolving MMedia Computer Interfaces) at the MMedia 2009 (July 20-25, 2009) in Colmar, France.

Anita Sobe and Laszlo Böszörmenyi received the Best Session Paper Award.

Photos from MMedia 2009 are posted at: