Institute of Networked and Embedded Systems

The Institute of Networked and Embedded Systems (NES) at Klagenfurt University is part of the recently founded Faculty of Technical Sciences and is organized in three research groups: mobile systems, embedded systems and signal processing as well as pervasive computing. The pervasive computing group (Prof. Rinner) has a strong record on research in distributed smart cameras and sensor fusion. A special focus of its work lies in the application of image processing methods to networks of embedded cameras (embedded computer vision). Prof. Rinner’s group has demonstrated its competence by its leadership and participation in several national and international research projects on this topic, i.e., on object classification and tracking in networks of smart cameras.

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Institute of Information Technology

The Institute of Information Technology (ITEC) is part of the Faculty of Technical Sciences of Klagenfurt University. ITEC is organized in two research groups: Distributed Multimedia Systems led by Prof. Böszörmenyi and Multimedia Communication led by Prof. Hellwagner. The Distributed Multimedia Systems group focuses on adaptability in distributed multimedia systems, adaptive video distribution in multimedia delivery networks, user context in multimedia delivery, semantic and network-level adaptation of delivery networks, video analysis in the compressed domain, human centered computing in multimedia retrieval and consumption, and and languages, compilers and frameworks for multimedia applications.

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ASFiNAG Mautservice GmbH

The ASFiNAG is a national group of companies in Austria, which operates all high- and mo-torways in Austria with a total street length of nearly 2.100 km. The major tasks of the ASFi-NAG are to plan, finance, build, maintain, operate, and charge the whole high- and motorway network. At ASFiNAG, the task “operation” is strongly related to its telematics services, which are managed by one of its seven subsidiaries, namely the ASFiNAG Mautservice GmbH (ASFiNAG MSG).

Besides the charging of the whole high- and motorway network, the ASFiNAG MSG is also responsible for the planning and construction of traffic control installations, the acquisition of traffic and environment data, and the statistical analysis of these data. Furthermore, the AS-FiNAG MSG is incumbent on the planning, construction, and operation of the traffic data, traffic management, and traffic information centres within the ASFiNAG street network. It is also in charge of planning and constructing installations for traffic surveillance regarding tempo and distance control, as well as for the reduction of noise and toxic emissions.

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