In a meeting today the 1st (big) use case of the SOMA project was scheduled. On April 22nd 2010 a “World Games” event will take place in the offices of the Lakeside Labs. In four rooms different computer games will be played and locations all around the world will be assigned to the rooms. The videos and photos taken there will be sent to the actual location (Rio, New York, Tokio & Munich) using the Plantelab network, and the transported content then is presented in a lounge in the main lobby. Participating users are meant to take photos and videos and feed them into the SOMA network and – last but not least – having fun playing Rockband, Wii Sports Resort, Singstar and alike.

Why games? While we are totally aware that especially computer games have a bad reputation in computer science, they are means to an end for the SOMA project to gather a lot of participants for events and a lot of activity and action. Instead of paying participants we try to let them have a good time.