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MMM 2012 @ Klagenfurt University

MMM 2012The 18th International Conference on MultiMedia Modeling (MMM 2012) will be hosted by the Institute of Information Technology from January 4-6, 2012. The conference is a leading international conference for researchers and industry practitioners to share their new ideas, original research results and practical development experiences from all MMM related areas.

More information is available at:

At the Long Night of research several departments, research groups and companies presented their research work at more than 100 stations all over the campus of Klagenfurt University and at the Lakeside Science and Technology Park. With the multimedia information system SOMA visitors were provided with nearly simultaneous multimedia reports of the event at info-terminals distributed at the event site and everybody could be a reporter and contribute his/her own content. An “automatic director” summmed up the most interesting scenes and showed them at several points at the event.

Researchers of the interdisciplinary part of the project team conducted short qualitative interviews asking for the visitors’ experiences with the SOMA-system and for motives of using it. The results of the enquiry and the participating observation carried out should improve the further development of the SOMA technology. Results will be presented soon.

Die Lange Nacht der Forschung wurde im Rahmen des Entwicklungs- und Forschungsprojekts SOMA zu einem Schauplatz einer Motivforschung.

Am 5. November 2010 präsentierten Institute, Forschungsgruppen und Unternehmen an über 100 Stationen am Campus der Alpen-Adria- Universität und im Lakeside Science and Technology Park ihre Forschungsarbeit. Das multimediale Informationssystem SOMA gab den BesucherInnen der Veranstaltung die Möglichkeit an mehreren am Veranstaltungsgelände verteilten Stationen zeitnahe multimediale Berichterstattung von der Veranstaltung zu nützen und als ReporterIn mitzumachen.

Über qualitative Kurzinterviews erhoben ForscherInnen des interdisziplinären Projektteams Erfahrungen und Interessen der BesucherInnen, die SOMA ausprobiert hatten. Die Ergebnisse der Befragung und der parallel dazu durchgeführten teilnehmenden Beobachtung fließen in die weitere Entwicklung der SOMA-Technologie ein.

Lange Nacht der Forschung 2010 @ Klagenfurt

We have created a 3D virtual tour through a few stations of the “Lange Nacht der Forschung”, held at Klagenfurt University on Nov. 5, 2010. The tour consists of a very detailed model of our University (many thanks to Markus Gutmann) and videos recorded by “embedded reporters” of the SOMA project, which was presented at Station U 01. This virtual tour was also shown there as a live demo.

SOMA @ Lange Nacht der Forschung

1) How to be up-to-date about “Lange Nacht der Forschung/Long night of research”?

The SOMA project offers people to take part of contemporary, multimedia reports. Everyone can watch, where, when and how something happens at the “Lange Nacht der Forschung”. Everybody can be a reporter and contribute her own content. An “automatic director” sums up the most interesting scenes and shows them at several points at the event.

2) Does multimedia improve traffic news?

Who does not know this problem? Traffic news is aired over radio, but is not correct regarding time, location or shaping. Such incorrect news might lead to unnecessary route changes. The SOMA/LOOK2 use case shows, how multimedia sensors and multimedia representation at the newsroom support correctness of traffic news.

Further information (German)

1. Wie bleibe ich im Bilde?

Das Projekt SOMA bietet zeitnahe, multimediale Berichterstattung zum Mitmachen. Jede Besucherin und jeder Besucher kann sich ansehen, wie, wo und wann etwas passiert oder als ReporterIn selbst dazu beitragen. Ein „automatischer Regisseur“ macht aus den besten Momenten Fernsehen, das im gesamten Areal der Veranstaltung ausgestrahlt wird.

2. Kann Multimedia Verkehrsmeldungen verbessern?

Wer kennt dieses Problem nicht? Man bekommt über den Verkehrsfunk eine Meldung zu einer Verkehrssituation, die in Bezug auf Zeit, Ort oder Ausprägung nicht korrekt ist. Solche Meldungen können Navigationssysteme und AutofahrerInnen zu unnötigen Routenänderungen bewegen. Die Projektstudie SOMA/LOOK2 seigt, wie Multimediadaten in der Sensorik und auf der Ebene der Verkehrsredaktion helfen können, um die Genauigkeit von Verkehrsmeldungen zu verbessern.

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videonetwork released under GPL

Anita Sobe released her network simulator for self-organizing video replication and delivery under GPL v3. The project is called “videonetwork”.

Further information can be found on the project page:

Best Paper Award @ ITEC!

Manfred del Fabro & Laszlo Böszörmenyi received the Best paper award for their presentation “Video Scene Detection Based on Recurring Motion Patterns” at the “Second International Conference on Advances in Multimedia” (MMEDIA 2010).

Pictures from the MMEDIA 2010 are posted at:

Prof. Oge Marques visited ITEC again

UniKlu HiStories – the 2nd SOMA Use Case

On 18th June the Klagenfurt University celebrated its 40th anniversary and SOMA was part of it! The second SOMA case study “UniKlu HiStories” took place. The history of the university and interesting events of this festival have been presented to the visitors using the SOMA technology. Smart cameras, reporters and visitors uploaded images and videos of interesting situations to the SOMA system. In three different places of the university automatically selected content has been presented to the visitors. Due to the positive feedback of many visitors we can state that this case study was another successful stage in the SOMA project.

Further information can be found in the UniKluHistories folder (German).

Photos from the ITEC Soccer finals 2010The 1st ITEC Soccer Cup finals took place on 9th of June, just before the world cup starts and we already know the top favourite. In the ITEC version of the soccer cup the Italian team (M. del Fabro and C. Keim, both working for the SOMA project) could show their convincing abilities with the Playstation controller and took home the title! We are looking forward to challenge this year’s winner!

Detailed results and media are available at

SoccerWhile the bold and sporty soccer players run for the ball, we do electronic sports ITEC proudly presents the 1st ITEC Soccer World Cup 2010. 16 teams will battle for the Cup, just before the actual FIFA World Cup 2010. To enter the Cup just sign up your team (2-3 players) on the Google spreadsheet. Rules and constraints are given here.

For SOMA we will take the chance and take photos, record videos and capture the main audio streams. We hope to get another bunch of test data files out of that.